Youth Programs

Financial Education For Every Age

First Coast Community Credit Union has savings plans and programs for youth of all ages. Take advantage of these three programs offered by the credit union to help your child appreciate the value of a dollar.




Dollar Dog Kids Club®

Learning to save money can be fun, thanks to First Coast Community Credit Union's Dollar Dog Kids Club. It's the perfect way to teach kids ages 12 and younger the value of saving on a regular basis.


cha-ching!SM  Teen Club

First Coast Community Credit Union’s cha-ching! Teen Club is the perfect way to educate teens about good spending and saving habits. Take advantage of solid money management tools that you can supervise, and have some fun on cha-ching! online.


the edgeSM  for Young Adults

You’re out in the world now, managing your own finances and expenses. the edge can help you cope with the ins and outs of your early adult years. Check out the edge online

Open An Account To Begin Your Financial Journey

Start saving for big purchases like a car or your first house. The first step is to open a Savings Account at the credit union with a $25 deposit. You can manage your money easier with a checking account too! Call (386) 328-5555 for more information!


Help Them With Their First Investment!

Starting an Educational IRA for your teen or younger child helps them on a path to saving for college. Call us at (386) 328-5555 or stop by the credit union for more information.


Fund Your Education Wisely With A Signature Loan

If you need money for your child’s education, no matter what age or grade, consider a Signature Loan. Borrow at a low rate to supplement tuition where federal loans fall short, or use the money for books, supplies, meal plans or any other educational expense.

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Youth CDs Now Available

Help your child save for the future by opening a Youth Certificate of Deposit with a minimum of $250. Come to a branch office to find out more.