Scam Alert

Have You Heard About The Latest Phone Scam?

It works like this...a person claiming to be from Apple or Microsoft will call you and attempt to convince you that your PC or Mac has been infected with a virus and that the only way to get rid of it (and save your computer) is to allow him/her to remotely access and control your computer.

Once the scammer has access to your computer they have the ability to steal your personal information or identity, infect your device with a real virus and tell you that only they can remove it (for a fee, of course), and so much more.

Remember, Apple or Microsoft will NEVER contact you to inform you that your computer has a virus.

This is not the only scam out there. For more information on popular and common scams, click here.

Protect your information! Never give out sensitive or personal information such as a social security number, address, or banking information to someone you do not know. No matter how convincing they may seem. If you receive a suspicious phone call, immediately hang up. If they keep calling, block or report the number here.